Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program(MPNP)

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program(MPNP)

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is one of the most popular of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs, or PNPs. Through the MPNP, Manitoba nominates newcomers for permanent resident status in the prairie province.

There are three major streams under the MPNP that offer foreign skilled workers a pathway to settle in Canada permanently.

  • Skilled Workers Overseas Stream
  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream
  • International Education Stream
  1. Skilled Workers Overseas Stream

The Skilled Worker Overseas Category allows the MPNP to nominate eligible immigration candidates living outside Canada who have an established connection to Manitoba through:

  • the support of family members or friends;
  • through previous education or work experience in the province; or
  • through an Invitation to Apply received directly from the MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

In order to be eligible under this category, candidates must:

  • score a minimum 60 points out of 100 on the points assessment grid;
  • Demonstrate an established connection to Manitoba through the support of friends or family, previous work experience or education in the province, or an Invitation to Apply issued by the MPNP.

In order to be a Manitoba Supporter, candidate must be:

  • Able to provide documents proving that he or she has been living in Manitoba continuously for at least one year;
  • Able to demonstrate sufficiently close ties to the applicant and the province;

For close relatives (those related to the applicant or the applicant’s spouse in one of the given Sister or brother, Niece or nephew, Aunt or uncle, First cousin, Mother or father, Grandmother or grandfather) both the applicant and the supporter must provide documents proving their familial relationship.

  1. Skilled Worker in Manitoba

The category is open to qualified temporary foreign workers and international student graduates who are currently working in the province and have been offered a permanent, full-time job with their Manitoba employer.

Unlike the other streams of the MPNP, Skilled Workers in Manitoba are not subject to a points-based assessment.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba category of the MPNP, candidates need to fulfill the following criterion.

The candidate must:

  • have a permanent, full-time job offer from their current Manitoba employer;
  • be in Manitoba working for an employer on a valid work permit for at least six months;
  • must have attended full-time academic/vocational program at a public, or registered private vocational, post-secondary institution in Manitoba (International student graduates);
  • have successfully completed the program and have been awarded a diploma, degree, or certificate;
  • hold a valid Work Permit or Post-Graduation Work Permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC);
  • possess all qualifications for the position including training/education and any required license or certification;
  • demonstrate the English or French proficiency to fulfill the duties of the job description. ( If your job is classified as lower skilled (NOC C or D) you must score CLB 4 (NCLC 4, French) or higher in all test categories);
  • have a connection to Manitoba through employment that is stronger than ties he/she may have to another province;
  • able to live, work and establish his/her work and family life in Manitoba as a permanent resident; and
  • have sufficient settlement funds.

Note: Any periods of self-employment, unauthorized work or periods of employment during which applicant was engaged in full-time study, will not be included while calculating the work experience in Manitoba.

  1. International Education Stream

MPNP’s International Education Stream is dedicated to providing faster pathways to nomination for international students graduating in Manitoba who fit the province’s labour market needs.

There are three subcategories in this stream: Career Employment Pathway, Graduate Internship Pathway, and the Student Entrepreneur Pathway.

  1. Career Employment Pathway

The Career Employment Pathway allows recently graduated international students from a post-secondary institution in the province with an offer of employment to work in an in-demand occupation in Manitoba.

  1. Graduate Internship Pathway

The Graduate Internship Pathway targets international graduates who have completed a Masters or PhD program in Manitoba within the last 3 years and who completed a Mitacs Elevate or Accelerate internship to apply for provincial nomination.

  • Student Entrepreneur Pathway

The Student Entrepreneur Pathway of MPNP’s International Education Stream offers provincial nomination pathway to international students who have recently graduated from a Manitoba post-secondary institution and have at least 6-months experience of owning and managing a business in Manitoba.

The Application Process

Manitoba’s Expression of Interest (EOI) system involves a three-step process.

STEP 1: Submit an Expression of Interest profile

Potential candidates need to submit an expression of interest profile in immigrating to Manitoba. These profiles are then assigned a score out of a maximum of 1,000 based on the information provided and placed in the Manitoba EOI pool with other eligible candidates.

STEP 2: Receive an invitation to apply for provincial nomination

The highest-scoring qualified candidates with a connection to Manitoba are then invited to submit an application for provincial nomination to MPNP.

After receiving an invitation or a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA), candidates will have 60 days to calendar days to submit a complete and accurate application to the MPNP.

STEP 3: Submit permanent residence application to the Government of Canada

Following a thorough assessment, the MPNP nominates successful candidates to submit their complete paperwork to IRCC and applies for Canadian permanent residence.